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Carbon Core

Powering Data Centers with 100% Clean Energy

Livolt introduces the Carbon Core, a technology designed to meet the energy demands of AI data centers while addressing environmental and economic challenges. The Carbon Core transforms CO2 emissions and renewable energy into storable natural gas, providing a sustainable and reliable power source.

Key Components of the Carbon Core

CO2 Capture: The process starts with capturing CO2 emissions from gas-fired turbines. Advanced adsorption technologies selectively bind CO2 molecules, separating them from other gases. This step ensures that emissions are not released into the atmosphere, helping reduce the carbon footprint of data centers.

Hydrogen Production: The captured CO2 is then combined with hydrogen produced through electrolysis. Renewable electricity, sourced from solar panels or other renewable energy sources, powers the electrolysis process. During electrolysis, an electric current is passed through water, splitting it into hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen is collected for the next phase.

Methane Synthesis: In the Sabatier reactor, the captured CO2 and produced hydrogen react to form methane (CH4) and water. This reaction, facilitated by a nickel-based catalyst at high temperatures, converts the gases into a usable fuel. The synthetic methane produced is equivalent to pipeline-grade natural gas.

Power Generation: The synthetic natural gas is stored and used to fuel gas turbines, generating zero-emission electricity on demand. This ensures a consistent and reliable power supply for data centers, meeting their high energy demands without contributing to environmental degradation.

Economic and Environmental Benefits

The Carbon Core leverages tax credits from the USA Inflation Reduction Act, including incentives for green hydrogen (45V) and carbon capture (45Q). These financial benefits make the technology cost-effective and attractive for data centers. By reducing carbon emissions and utilizing renewable energy, the Carbon Core lowers the environmental impact of data centers.

Livolt’s Carbon Core provides a solution for AI data centers seeking to balance power reliability, sustainability, and economic viability. Power your data center with the Carbon Core, and meet the energy needs of the AI revolution.

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